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Symplectic and low-dimensional topology

  1. A Morse A_∞-model for the higher-dimensional Heegaard Floer homology of cotangent fibers 
    with K. Honda, Y. Tian and T. Yuan (in preparation)

  2. Heegaard Floer Symplectic homology and Viterbo's isomorphism theorem in the context of multiple particles  with T. Yuan [arXiv]

  3. Combinatorial proof of Maslov index formula in Heegaard Floer Theory
    To appear in Algebraic & Geometric Topology (2022), [arXiv]

Earlier research on toric topology

  1. Dolbeault cohomology of complex manifolds with torus action with T. Panov
    V. A. Rokhlin-Memorial. Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics V. A. Rokhlin-Memorial, Contemp. Math., 772 (2021). [arXiv]

  2. Basic Cohomology of Complex Moment-Angle Manifolds with H. Ishida and T. Panov
    International Mathematics Research Notices (2020) [arXiv]

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