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Research Talks

1. Maslov index formula in Heegaard Floer homology, Symplectic Zoominar (video, slides)

2. Basic Cohomology of Moment-Angle Manifolds, IMSA Irrational Fans in Physics and Mathematics (video, notes)

3. Basic Dolbeault cohomology of manifolds with torus action, Toric Topology in Okayama 2019 (slides)

Seminar Talks

  1. ECH capacities background, Student seminar: Symplectic capacities and embedding problems (notes)

  2. Abouzaid's work on generating Fukaya categories, UCLA topology working seminar (notes)

  3. Symplectic embeddings: the Hofer conjecture, KCL/UCL Junior Geometry Seminar (notes)

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